Congrats on making an Event on MeeteR! A ticketed event means that you have limited capacity for how many people can attend this event. As soon as you reach max capacity, that event will still be visible for people to see, but users can no longer get tickets to your event.
Go into My Events , then into your Hosting tab. Tap on your event that you're hosting. Now tap on the Guest List , and from here tap on the Scanner . Now all you have to do is point your scanner at the ticket you want to scan in and it will automatically check them into your guest list!
Go into My Events , then into your Hosting tab, and tap on your event that you want to edit. Tap on the Edit and you can edit all the event's details here. Your event's attendees will get notified when you edit and save your event
The university MeeteR site, at the moment, doesn't support event creation. If you don't have the iOS app (link to iOS app), unfortunately, you can't post events just yet. However, you can send a request to post your event by emailing the details of your event to, and someone will assist you with creating an account to post your events.
You can search for an event by tapping on the Search Icon , and searching for either:
  • # : it's associated #EventTags
  • @ : by a specific hostname, or
  • by it's Event Title
Tap on their avatar, and click on the Block Icon to block them. You can unblock them at anytime by going to
My ProfileSettings Account SettingsManage Blocked Users .
If you are an official University Organization and see your events on MeeteR, please contact to request access to your reserved username + credentials. If you believe someone is impersonating you, please contact us at
Only registered universities partnered with MeeteR have access to the platform.
Please, contact Request a Demo and we can set your university up with a demo!
Great! We're always looking for ways we can improve. Drop us an email at and we'll get back to you.