Social Event Platform for Universities

MeeteR is specially designed for your University + Student events. Easy to create your own events using MeeteR.

How It Works

MeeteR is the central place for your University Events

Create Events

Students and organizations create events and post to a central place

Get Tickets

Students explore and search for events to attend

Manage Your Events

Manage all the events you're attending and hosting in one place!


We got them all.

Seamless Search

Find events of your interest through the intuitive search bar!

Create Events

The days of fliers, and bulletin boards are over. Create your events in a central place for students to see!

Exclusively for Universities

Made by the students for the students. You must have a regisitered university domain to access the app.


Explore Nearby Events

Explore all upcoming events in the palm of your hand!

Attend Events

Ticketing Features with QR code scanning functionality. Ticketing has never been easier!

Follower System

Follow your friends and favorite organizations to stay up-to-date and never miss out on another event!


What students are saying about MeeteR


Jack Perales

University of Virginia

" The app seems very comprehensive, well thought-out, and overall user friendly to get into and use intuitively... This app has a lot to offer UVA and it's community to help students integrate into the bustling undergrad scene. "


Nhiem Nguyen

University of Virginia

" I really like this app because it will help new students especially transfers who currently don't have a lot of connections to events/people on grounds "


Iskra Yankova

University of Virginia

" I believe that this app would help UVA increase event attendance and help people, especially first year students and transfers, build their social networks. "


Sarah Tran

University of Virginia

" Very easy to use, appealing layout and the app is something that a lot of students on grounds would use. Would highly like this being used on grounds! "


Minh Bui

University of Virginia

" This app is pretty much what UVa needs. This would have been incredibly useful when I was undergrad. It was difficult to hear about different events other than through Facebook and word of mouth. "

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